The Woodshed

Creating one of a kind pieces that you won’t find in a shop. Recycled timber furniture made from reclaimed wood that still has life and character, makes for a perfect addition to any home or commercial space.

The journey from a weathered piece of hardwood with rusty nails in it everywhere, to bringing it back to a fresh and natural piece of timber never gets old.

The struggle is worth the outcome and it also saves it from going to landfill, the off cuts and not so good timber comes in good use as firewood too. I’m constantly collecting recycled timber from renovation jobs or anywhere of interest.

The rustic look of a bespoke piece of furniture, just adds to the overall feel and vibe in its environment.

For further information, please contact Mat Wilton on 0406 030 446 or send us message.

“I started Woodshed with a vision of combining a passion and love of working with wood.” – Mat Wilton